Elevate you Gaming...

Worlds Over Run was created in October of 2017, by artist and designer Eric Askue.   WOR goal is to offer unique and unexpected terrain option for you and your 3D printer.  Changing how we game and what terrain is really about.  Our catalog will challenge your imagination without being overly complicated to print and assemble.  Thank you for checking out WOR and we hope to “elevate your gaming.” 

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Sculpted by Eric Askue for Collapse Industries
Sculpted by Eric Askue for Collapse Industries

Kick Starters

Terra & Thorn was launched in Oct, 2017

Thorn Expansion & Scorch was launched in Apr, 2018

Strata & Grove was launched in July, 2018

Epic Encounters Chapter One was launched in November, 2018 


THORN Is a hard world of spiny carapaces. 

SCORCH is a world of rock and sand, a wasteland.

GROVE A lush and living world of ancient relics. 

STRATA Our city in the clouds. 

EPIC ENCOUNTERS an RPG style encounter pack for your games.

INFERNO in Late Pledge!!!