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After many requests from customers, friends and the community we have launched a Patreon.
Now this in no way will end our development of new terrain sets or stop us from doing Kickstarters we will still be doing all of this plus the new Patreon.

The Patreon will offer terrain that is driven by our patrons, to start we will offer several tiers so that there is something for everyone including Licensed Printers.

We will be offering two starter packs one with 5 assets for two of the tiers and the other with 9 assets of two other tiers, these assets are available right away after you join the Patreon.

Starter Pack #1
offers the following assets;
Gaslands Road barriers set of 12 20mm/28mm
Open & Closed Chest 28mm
Gaslands Weapons Pack
Sci-Fi Radar Dish 28mm
Overseas Container 20mm (Gaslands)

Starter Pack #2
offers the following assets;
The Forgotten Well 28mm
Thorn Portal 28mm
Fantasy Beacon 28mm
The Reaper from the Inferno Kickstarter
The Thorn Spire (Terrain Asset)
Thorn Mini Prime 28mm
The Temple Library 28mm
Fantasy Bar set, our version of one 28mm

In addition to the Starter Packs we will be offering several other assets and terrin sets as well.

So check out our Patreon page and feel free to join us and if not no problem but please tell your friends and post it on social media!

Here are some images of a few of the assets in the start packs