Thorn: Tangle Expansion

Thorn: Tangle Expansion




The Thorn: Tangle Expansion consists of eight amazing new terrain pieces for your tabletop, bring your tabletop to life with these new additions to the WORLD OF THORN and rule the world as it should be.

This set is STL files not a physical item, for physical prints of these items please visit our licensed printer page HERE.

Below are images of all six pieces in the set, get them now and expand your Thorn Collection Now!



Thorn Arena

A massive 300mm x 300mm arena for your gaming table, put your players to the test and fight to the death in the ARENA!!!

Arena Wall System

The Arena wall system allows you to enclose the arena and giving it that Bio Organic look and feel for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi gaming.

Thorn Spore Pod

The spore pods are an organic landmine, place them around your map and watch the mayhem unfold on the battlefield.


Thorn Platform

The Thorn Platform is a great way to elevate figures on the tabletop or an amazing location for a sentry gun, place as many as you want or need.


Thorn Tangle Wall

The Thorn Tangle Wall is a tangled mess of organic thorn vines making it almost impossible to get thru unless you very lucky.


Thorn Tangle Wall Barrier

The Thorn Tangle Wall Barrier is an organic wall for defense that is like stone, providing you will a great defense from your enemy for your troops in battle.


Thorn Wall

The Thorn Wall is an organic wall that is tall and strong, providing you will a great defense for outpost and bases against your enemy no matter who they are.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You can print these files for your personal use, but you may not sell the printed items or distribute the digital 3D models/files to other parties. We are happy for you to print the models for your friends, but you can’t go into business selling or distributing the models for profit or publicly advertise that you print and sell the models in any way whatsoever unless you are a Licensed Printer with Worlds Over Run.


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